Partner with Anvilnode!

We are seeking partnerships with groups and individuals built upon mutual interest. Our goal is to create a productive relationship with project owners, YouTubers, streamers, developers and minecraft related community owners.

We ask that any applicants be truly invested in their project, as well as understand exactly what they're looking for and are able to provide in return. Please feel free to format your application as you see fit, but as a general guideline, please include answer to the following questions:


  • YouTuber: +3k Subscribers
  • Streamer: +2k Subscribers
  • Project/Community: +5k Followers/Users
  • YouTuber: +10k Subscribers
  • Streamer: +5k Subscribers
  • Project/Community: +10k Followers/Users

Do keep in mind that every application is looked into individually. If your group or audience is not listed here, feel free to reach out to us anyways.


For interested parties, please send us an application with your/your team’s project profile. There is no required format! We want everyone to be creative when introducing themselves. For a rough guideline, see these points below that we need answered in your application.

  • What would you like us to provide you with? (server hosting, etc.)
  • What kind of content do you produce?
  • In terms of content production, how regularly do you produce content?
  • What sort of advertising plan are you willing to offer to us?
  • What is your biggest motivation for this project?
  • We will also be asking for a proof of ownership, and any analytical/statistical data that you can provide. So if you have these, please include them in your application.

You can contact us regarding this by opening a ticket to our public relationship department here. Please give us 3 business days to get back to you.